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About Malls of Globe

Malls of Globe (hereafter MOG) is a Smart Retail - Platform as a Service (PaaS). We build Retail Intelligence Network (RIN) comprising of robust cloud, predictive algorithms for AI, Apps, Sensors & RPA to deliver an amazing shopping experience to shoppers in malls, ships, airports & more..

MOG’s vision is to transform offline retail into smart retail. Thinking of delivering digitally rich experience to shoppers of today, MOG is the right partner for you.

Mall Intelligence Network

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Core Team

Yogesh Huja

(CEO & Founder)
  • History : Entrepreneur & Author
  • Skill : Creative Traveller
  • Expert : Business Planning & Analytics

Esa-Matti Harkke

  • History : Growth Mentor
  • Skill : Robust Executor
  • Expert : Go To Market Strategy

Shivani Huja

(COO & Co Founder)
  • History : Operations Director SPL
  • Skill : Persistent Warrior
  • Expert : Operations & Alliances

Kapil Goel

(CFO & Co Founder)
  • History : CFO SPL, Retail Tech
  • Skill : The Number Cruncher
  • Expert : Finance & Crypto

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